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Operation Valor Arts is a nonprofit organization committed to assisting veterans with education, career training and job placement while they design and construct public artworks to honor those who have served.

Each project is designed and built by a team of eight to ten veterans, who generate the project concept and take it from design through installation. Teams are led by a professional artist who helps the team navigate the design process and connect with artists, artisans, tradespeople, and educators in their community.

The OVArts model of art designed by veterans, for veterans turns the traditional professionally-designed “memorial” on its head. Veterans’ personal experiences of service and of war are the catalyst for these artworks, and their stories have the power to build a bridge of understanding between veterans and the public.

The teaching artist is assigned to a veteran team and given a mission to complete a particular project. The teaching artist introduces his or her team to basic concept development and the design process using a standard OVArts curriculum. The curriculum topics include the basics of two- and three-dimensional design, public art and memorials, site analysis, and landscape design. The teaching artist then guides his or her team to develop a concept, design an artwork and/or garden, create models, and build and install the final design.


OVArts’ programs give you, the artist, the incredible opportunity to lead some of the most highly trained, motivated, and capable people you will ever work with: veterans. You will have the opportunity to share your professional knowledge with a team of America’s best, and perhaps even inspire them to follow careers in art and design. OVArts envisions the position of teaching artist as not just an instructor, but a resource for veterans transitioning to civilian careers.

You will be responsible for leading your team through the brief educational curriculum, as well as guiding and advising them throughout their project’s design. The schedule of education and work sessions will depend on your and your team’s prior commitments. You will also have the opportunity to attend training on military culture and working with veterans.

The teaching artist is a paid position. For more information or to apply, please contact us.

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