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Operation Valor Arts is a nonprofit organization committed to assisting veterans with education, career training and job placement while they design and construct public artworks to honor those who have served.

Each project is designed and built by a team of eight to ten veterans, who take the project from concept to installation. Teams are led by a professional artist who helps the team navigate the design process and connect with artists, artisans, tradespeople, and educators in their community.


YOUR MISSION: Share your story and honor those who have inspired you.


Using their personal stories as inspiration for these projects, veterans will have the opportunity to continue their commitment to service in two ways. First, veteran teams will have the opportunity to create a physical tribute to the service and sacrifice of their brothers and sisters in arms. Second, projects will serve as a place where the community can gather for celebration or quiet reflection in honor of our troops.

The OVArts model of art designed by veterans, for veterans turns the traditional professionally-designed “memorial” on its head. Veterans’ personal experiences of service and of war are the catalyst for these artworks, and their stories have the power to build a bridge of understanding between veterans and the public.

We at OVArts know that veterans are among the most highly trained and capable people in our nation. Projects empower veterans to demonstrate the skills they have learned in their military careers, and allow them to build on those skills toward a successful civilian career. Veterans who complete a project will not only have tangible evidence of their abilities, but they will have built a network of resources and professionals to help them turn that project into a career that fits their needs and aspirations.



Previous art skills are not required; project teams will be made up of veterans with a variety of skills and interests. OVArts’ mission is to connect you with the resources and skills you need to be a valuable team member and to complete a professional-quality project. In addition, you will have the opportunity to learn from the diverse skill set of other men and women on your team.

We welcome your ideas for new projects, or you can become part of a team working on an existing project.

All veteran participants will receive a stipend. For more information on how YOU can join the team, contact us or visit our facebook page.

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